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Why You Need Keyword Tools for Your Blog ( 5 Best keyword Planner)

Why You Need keywords Tools For Your Blog
Everyday we blog and we search for a way of coming up with a new blog post in our own keyword, which means we find new keyword for our blog.

When I first started blogging, Keywords has been difficulty for and my blog, finding a new keyword is always hard so listen carefully on how to find a keywords and its difficulty.
Why You Need Keyword tool for Your Blog

First you need to know what keyword you need

most bloggers don't know how to find their own keyword and know their search rate on google 
When writing a post don't write without searching the right keywords.

Note: Always find the right keyword for your blog before any posts

Their are tons of tools bloggers can you to optimize their keywords and the funny part most of them are free tools.

When I first started blogging I have no Idea on how to optimize my keyword or SEO on web but with a little experience I get to know how to use them gradually so their tips and tricks I learn years past I read tons of eBooks just to know how to get my first website rank on google, always remember google  is the best way to get ranked.

The tools used are more powerful but I suggest going for a keyword planner go for paid not free 
it is always advisable.


keyword tools is the best way to optimize your post on search engines, you can see all those website or blog that always come first on google use keyword planner that help them optimize their and know how the search rate, in SEO search rate matters with search rates you will be able to know how the post you are going to how will it be search on search engines.


  1. Google Keyword Planner: google keyword planner is one of the best keyword planner every blog or website have to you use for your it is easy and competent to use the keyword planner with google keyword you will be able to plan ahead of your blog post and you can see the difficulty of the post on your blog, Google Keyword Planner is free and it is more easy to use and it is also associate with Google Adwords and will be a huge blow for you

    I recommend always use google tools because it is the best
  2. Keyword Finder: keyword finder is also a best tool i used so far in my blogging career so i also recommend that always use the tool if you are not capable of using google tools keyword finder is trusted my millions of blog online where they find any difficulty in their blog or any other, I used keyword finder back then and I enjoyed it my self so try to use and discover more of its and it is at affordable price.

    I first started blogging using does keyword finder and it is always easy for me to find more and more keywords with it so it make my blogging more easier for me everyday. you can try and make your blogging keywords easier for you!
  3. SEMrush: SEMrush is trusted by millions of blog online which help you and give the actual data of your blog and even show you your competitors and how you should go ahead of them  SEMrush is a great tool to use for your blog and it is also the best despite the cost, I use SEMrush all the time i know it's benefit, With SEMrush you will be able to know which of your post a getting more and more ranked on google.

    I am very sure most of my use will always prefer SEMrush despite the cost me too even recommend more and more of it, you can also link your Google Analytics, Search Console and even more of tools to give you direct and accurate data for your blog that is the most I will always prefer. Try SEMrush and know more of it's quality and quantity.

    Thanks to a friend that inspired me to blogging I wouldn't have known all this  this are major way to get well ranked on google try it and use for easier content.
  4. Keyword Country: keyword country is also the best targeted keyword provider that you can use all the way with keyword country you will be able to optimize your blog and content all around your niche and you blog will be ready to go it is not like others but it is also good for your niche and finding a profitable keywords, I like it most of the time but I don't recommend for a newbie to use because of its difficulty as a result of this you will always choose the one more convenient and easy to use.
  5. LongTail Pro: Longtail Pro is one of the best keyword tool with a range of 50% keyword content that you will always find and it's difficulty in search engines and you will be able to find the ranked contents on your blog. 
with all this tools you will be able to provide keyword for your blog and business all time and you will be ranked so high on google

you can comment on how your blog finds its keyword and lets build a success together

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