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Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

This is a really powerful article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I highly recommend if you
can, to try to read through this article more then twice as I am about to expose to you a really deep
secret about SEO. Before I proceed do remember to click here to subscribe to my blog as I will
expose more secrets on my blog

First Of All What Is SEO?
Simply put it, SEO is all about ensuring your website is friendly to search engines so that people are
able to find your website online. Why do people pay so much attention to getting their pages SEO
ready? Well if you do it right, you get ranked high for powerful keywords you will get lots of free targeted
traffic to your website

A Secret Not Many People Know About The Value Of SEO
I have been doing online marketing for about 2 years, I will not say I am a total expert in SEO but I have
enough knowledge to get myself ranked high on search engines. To be frank SEO is about 4 main
things most of the time. These four things are meta tags, url tagging, title & backlinks.
The shocking truth that many do not realize and therefore think some SEO experts are really that good,
is that you can easily get ranked in search engines for long tail keywords which NO ONE or hardly
anyone would normally really search on .
For example if you are trying to get ranked high for the keyword “How To Make Money In Asia”, do you
actually think there are lots of people online that actually typed that phrase on search engines
compared to the keyword “Make Money Online”? To make things even more shocking, if lets say the
keyword “How To Make Money in Asia” only has about 1,000,000 related websites, you can easily get
ranked high by just posting a few articles on your blog with that title and within days you get ranked
But what not many people know is that being ranked No.1 for the keyword “How To Make Money In
Asia” is as good as nothing because NO ONE types such a long phrase online! Instead, what you
actually want is to get ranked high for short and high demanding keywords that thousand of people
search for online.
So the next time, some SEO expert claims he knows SEO and shows you he is ranked No.1 for some
really long phrase word he is just telling you B.S.

Another Shocking Truth About SEO

I remember 2 years ago I was really interested in SEO and would easily spend about 5 hours each day
just trying to get ranked no.1 in search engines. Let me tell you something really shocking, so far out of
10 SEO friends I know of most of them do not make lots of money for being ranked no.1 in search
engines. No doubt they may get traffic but they do not make lots of money for keywords ranked no.1,
unless it’s a really high demanding keyword that people search by the thousands everyday.
The real income that comes from SEO is actually from consultancy services, do you know the cheapest
price you can charge just to get ranked no.1 in MSN is at least US$3,000 just for a few keywords
ranked no.1 in MSN. So you can see from this example, most SEO experts earn more from doing such
services then being ranked high in search engines.

So How Do You Get Ranked High In Search Engines? What’s The Secret?
Well to be frank there is no book on the internet or expert out there that can tell you for sure how to be
ranked no.1 on search engines as they do not work for Google and they change their calculations of
rankings in search engines really often. But what I know for sure is at most times to get ranked high on
search engines, you basically just need lots of related backlinks from related sites to get yourself
ranked high on search engines.

Other Useful Things You Can Learn From Getting Ranked High In Search Engine
Because there are many people online that do not know keywords that are not high in demand can
already be ranked high in search engine pretty easy. Many people therefore use the unpopular search
phrases from search engines just to sell their websites.

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