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5 Adsense Alternative You should join in 2018

Today Everybody want to make money online or Adsense has banned you from their service or as a publisher with this you need to find a new way to make a living online. I once said "Their is an  opportunity for every Human being to make a living for them self" Making money online is a goal that every online marketers have to do take a look at Mark Zuckerberg you can read more of his profile Mark Zuckerberg here, he was a Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur who is the owner of Facebook a social network we do everyday, if you look now he make millions everyday, Life is all about try and fail, lets stop and continue to our real topic.

As i said earlier Adsense may have banned you for making money with them but their are other alternatives out there, which means you can make an earning without adsense. so you have to find another way to make money, so am going to share you some Tips and Tricks you need to know.

lets get to the real business down here, there are A lot of adsense alternative in which we should know about today but Adsense is the best Cpc that every body should join but due to some issues you have with them, you will have to make more profit from your blog or your website.

I have a Italian Friend Back in 2016, this friend of mine have an issue with Adsense so he has to join another Ad Network because of his Job and Internet Marketing so with this he started with best other Ad network online and the funny part he makes Thousand Dollars Online so now you should learn and believe.


The more we blog the more we spend so we need to generate an income from every post we write every day. by turning our passion into income.

so there are things you need to know about other Adsense Alternative which is:

  1. Infolinks: Infolinks is the best Adsense Alternative you should know about which has over million of Advertisers and Publisher, I got to know how infolinks is powerful  when i first Join their programme I realize I have been making a bit of profit from then I now decide to share them with you, firstly learn how to use info links by the Technics you'll be able to receive a huge income from them this is how my friend did, there CPC is high almost like Adsense.
  2. Media.net: Media.net is also the best Ad network that is similar to Google Adsense which also pay high revenue, I was able to secure 500$ from my Former Blog which give me alot of revenue that you can use to monetize your blog and business it also pay a good money  and reasonable Income.
  3.  Chikita: Many of us know about chikita it is also best among Ad netwrok that pays high all a I can't say A lot about it because I don't know much about them but you can also use it to monetize you content online.
  4. BuySellAds: Buy sell ads is also an ad network that pay much revenue from it's Ad channel which you can also earn through them with all this you will be able to earn much more revenue from your work and from your home.
  5. StudAds: stud ad is the biggest ad network you need to learn about with highest paying revenue per click when a user click on them with stud ads you will be able to monetize your blog from them, you can also be an advertiser this will help the ads.


It is a choice and you have to choose which on you want but i will always recommend not to let Adsense Banned you because adsense is the best Ad programme online you can benefit from.

Adsense is the best Cpc Ad network the internet, but apart from this best Adsense Alternative there are other which i did'nt mentione which are:

  1. Bidvertizer
  2. Omgads
  3. and others

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