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why you need content calendar for your post


I use alot of tools and resources to keep my blog running. but all of them, my content calendar in my single most important tool. My calendar is the heart and soul of my blog. When my brain can only manage to think a few hours into the future, my content calendar can think years into the future. When I sit down on the weekend to write all of my blog post for the following week, I don't have to think about what I am going to write, and I don't have to deal with writer's block. I just take a look at my calendar, and it's all right there. If you haven't quite figured out the importance of a content calendar, this post is for you! I'm going to tell you what a content calendar is why you need one, and how to create one!


this is self explanatory actually. it is a calendar or planner for all of your blog content. it's a simple way for you to plan out what your're going to post on your blog on what days. For some, their content calendar might be on their Google Calendar or even the planner on their phone. Others Might have wordpress Plug-in in that acts as their content calendar. Others, Like me, might be a little more old school and prefer the physical paper planner. I Don't know what it is. but i prefer to be able to hold my planner in my hands, carry it around in my bag and all that, and cross things off as I've Finished them

Why you need content calendar

if you're ever down at your computer, opened up WordPress ( or blogger or Squre Space) and thought, " shit, what am i going to write about today," then you know you need a content calendar for your blog. Even if you Haven't admitted it to your self

  • have a content keeps you organized. you never have a scramble when you sit down to write a blog post because you already know you're

    supposed to be writing about

  • Having a content calendar allows you to plan ahead of what you are going to write about. you can take a look at the net week, Month, or Year

    to prepare for vacations by either taking a blogging break or writing post well in advance

  • having a content calendar allow you take stock of what you're writing. I love that i can look at my calendar for just a second and see how many post of blogging i have, or how many posts on productivity i have. I can quickly decipher my sponsored to non- sponsored post ratio.

basically, it allow you to save your self a heck of a lot of strees and writer's blok when you are blogging

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How do you create a content calendar?

First, choose your weapon of choice. Online calendar? Plug-in? Paper planner?I'm afraid that's the easy part. After you've got your calendar set up, it's time to brainstorm blog post ideas ans start filling them in! I'll be coming back soon with another post on way to come up with post ideas and fill your content!

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