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Blogging has become one of my favorite things to do over the past few years. I started this blog just as a creative outlet, having no idea the potential it had. Since then, I have grown it into a small business where I have, the opportunity to make a side income, engage with and get to know my readers, ans connect with community of other online small business owners

I recently published a blog post with all the technical steps on how to to grow your blog in 90 days . In this post, I'm taking that advice one step further and teaching you how to grow your blog in 2018

Write High- Quality Content

There are alot of great ways to get people to your blog. But when they land there, You need to have great content to share with them or they probably won't come back. first of all you need is to figure out what readers want to read about. You can do this by looking at the question you frequently get from readers via email, social media, or blog comments. You can also take a look at your Google Analytics data and see which of your blog post have been most popular. You might see trend and notice your readers love certain type post.

in addition to the topic your're writing about, there are few key piece that every high-quality blog post should have. the first is a title that is going to draw people's attention. When someone is scrolling through social media, you want them to stop when they see your blog post Title!
you'll also want to include high-quality images. This is what will allow you to draw traffic on Facebook and twitter. Finally, and most importantly, your post needs to provide some value to your reader. Ideally, your post will include a few highly actionable task to your readers can
can accomplish if they want to reach a certain outcome.

Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I basically ignore SEO for my first time of blogging, which I immediately regretted when I figured how out just powerful search engine can drive a higher and higher percentage of my blog traffic, all because of the SEO tactics I have implemented.

SEO is basically about optimizing your blog post make sure they show up in search engines. You can most easily do this by using keyword to optimize you content, headline, images, and meta information. if you're on Wordpress, I recommend using Yoast SEO Plugin will be the best to help you optimize your blog posts.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

It probably comes as no surprise to you that social media is a great way to grow and drive traffic to your blog! Social media drives the majority of my blog's traffic each month, and because of that, I make sure to consistently promote my content on social media pages. Not only should you share your new blog post across your social pages, but you can continue to share your post, especially the most popular one over and over again to continue driving traffic to your blog.

and you social media pages aren't just useful for sharing you won content. You can share other content which your audience might find interesting and really start a conversation.

Start an Email List and Collect Email Addresses

while social media can be great way to grow your blog, It definitely has it downsides. First of all, just about every scoail media platform has an algorithm that determines who does and does not see your content. This means that when you share your latest blog post on social media, most of your followers probably aren't seeing it. the second downside is that you have no ownership over that platform. If Facebook were to shutdown your account tomorrow, It doesn't matter how many followers you had, you can't contact them again.

That's why starting an email is that because people already get so many emails, they tend to be picky about what additional email list they signup for. Because of this, they'll probably only sign up if they really love you blog, meaning they'll be more likely to click through to every blog post.

So how do you get people to sign up for your email list? First of all, continue to write the high - quality content we talked about above. Second, make sure there are multiple places around your blog where readers can sign up form at the bottom of each post, as well as on my blog's homepage ans scattered within some of my blog post. Finally, offer something in return. You can give your reader something for free to entice them to sign up for your list. This might be additional content that goes with your post, a free printable, or something more substantial like free eBook or email course.

Invest in your blog

on of my favorite thing about blogging is that it's so affordable to start. This means that whether you're starting a blog just as a hobby or with the intention of turning it into a business the cost entry is low or not at all, which make it to really unlock you blog's potential. Here are few investment you might consider making to help you grow your blog:

Social Media Schedulers: Social media can be an awesome way to grow your blog, But promoting your blog on social media could literally be full - time job itself. Assuming you don't have time for that, I recommend investing in some tools to allow you to schedule and automate you social media content, Some of these, such as HootSuite, Buffer, Twitter native scheduler and Facebook Native scheduler, are free. Others require a bit of an investment but are definitely worth the cost

Email Service Provider: As I mentioned above, email is an awesome tool to use to help grow your blog. the first step to grow your email list will be signing up with an email service provider. which are Converkit, Awebber, FMX and others, this are really powerful email list for bloggers which can help them

Education: There are so much to learn about blogging. Seriously, You'll never be done in learning blogging. After over some years of blogging, I still find it super beneficial to invest in education product to help me learn more about blogging and growing my blog and business. So never keep learning on blogging so you can become a genius

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