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How to Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas

4 Ways To come up with new blog Post Idea

From my first 6-9 month of blogging, my absolute biggest struggle was coming up with new blog post ideas. I had committed to post 5 days per week, But almost every evening would sit down in front of my computer to write next day's post and my mind would just come up blank. It was few months later before i started using a content calendar, and even longer before i actually started planning my content calendar a month in advance. And much longer than before i started compiling an arsenal of new blog post ideas

The process has gotten significantly easier since then. Instead of stressing every single day about what I'm going to write next, i can sit down once per month and fill in my entire content calendar. its amazing and such a great way to take some of the stress out of blogging. I have a running list of around 50 blog post ideas that i add to each month. I'm sure for many of you, coming up with stress, I'm going to share 4 tips for coming up with new blog post ideas


I'm writing this under the assumption you already Use Google Analytics Installed on your blog (if, not you should). Google Analytics can be truly incredible way of coming up with new post ideas by seeing what kinds of content your readers love. your readers have already told you what content they love and what to see more of! By look at what you most popular post are, You can can easily think of post ideas in that category that your readers will also love. My most popular blog post ever is Google Adsense. this tells me my readers enjoy post about productivity, and i should probably write more of them! And once I have write about productivity, my page views grew consistently

You can use the section of your google analytics to find out what keywords people have used to find your blog. You know when you're writing a blog post and you type your keyword phrase into your yoast seo plugin? Basically, this tells you which keywords were most effective! this can give you an indication of what types of your post are most popular on Google, as well as which keyword were done well


once you've settled into your blog niche and your readers begin to trust you, chances are they're going to start turning to you for advice my emailing you or leaving comments on your blog. Instead of responding to that comment with paragraph of advice, turn the response into blog post! if one person has a question, chances are they aren't the only one. Same goes for emails! If your readers are emailing you for advice or tips, use those as prompt for future blog post


Facebook groups can even more of an asset than you realize! Yes they're fantastic place to connect and make a blog friends., But they're also great place to get more post ideas. If some one leaves a question in Facebook groups that you have a great answer to, turn that answer into blog post! make sure seek out Facebook groups where your readers are hanging out because that's where you'll get most valuable information as to what your reader really need from you

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Once things i have noticed about blogging is that the more quality content you put out, the more quality blog post ideas you'll get. I don't know it's possible, But i can certainly say that the more information I share with my readers, the more i suddenly have to share! Typically I'll be halfway writing a blog post and suddenly have two great ideas for follow-up blog posts, and I quickly add them to my content calendar, For example, a while ago I wrote this post about as I was writing it, So i shared this post about And I knew the next step would be this post, where I'm sharing strategies for coming up with blog post idea that fill that content calendar


Pinterest is an amazing place in find Inspiration! When I have experience writer's block and am struggling to come up with new blog post idea, I would often turn to Pinterest. I swear just by scrolling through the Pinterest feed, you can find tons of ideas to talk about. And I'm not talking about copying a blog post someone else has already shared on pintrest because by doing so you may have committed a copy write of content, but using other post to get own brain pumbing! there an endless number of ways can put your own spin on an idea that's already been done

with this post i have shared with you i hope this will be of great importance to so comment on how you are able to come up with new blog post idea

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