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Before i started blogging. I had no idea to the extent of which you could monetize my blog. Sure, I read other blogs before I started my own. But no all blogs are entirely open about their monetization, and i hadn,t read any blogs that really drove me into the way of monetize. These days it seems like so many people begin blogging for the sole purpose of making money from it. I see bloggers post in facebook groups that they've just started their blog that week and wondering how they can go on about getting sponsored post. Me on the other hand? I had this blog nearly a year before i earned my first dollar. I took on few sponsored posts in exchange for free products but didn't make my first dollar for almost a year

some people might say that seems like an absurd long time to wait, especially given how common it has become to make a living from blogging. This isn't my full - time job, so making money wasn't my priority, And I wanted to make sure I was ready. You might be thinking you're ready to monetize your blog, and that's awesome! Before you take that leap and monetize your blog, there are few steps I suggest you take first to make sure you (and your blog) are really ready

Blog Design

this is the first big task you should tackle because your blog design is the first things company will see when you scope out your blog for the first time. It's important to make sure you have a clean and comparable blog design. Make sure there isn't clutter all over your sidebar and footer, and that it looks altogether professional. It's also important to feature a picture of your self and link to your social media pages in a prominent place

do and audit of the pages and information you have on your and ensure you're already sharing all the information companies may want to see. That's going to include an "about me" page, a privacy and policy (which if you are going to monetize your blog), and contact information (so they can offer a sponsored post)

Write a good content

this is the most importance piece of all if you're going to began apply for sponsored post! Companies have no reason to believe you'll write a quality post for them if you are not ready posting quality content. They're going to look at everything that includes the categories you have posted about ( to ensure the post and product are good for fit your blog), the length of your blog content, your writing abilities and the images. They'll also want to know how often you blogging at least 6 months or post three days per week.

truly, No matter what you are trying to accomplish hard with your blog or how you want to make your money, your content is going to be the most important thing, and the thing you'll have to work the hardest to make it perfect!.
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Social Media

when you're offered a sponsored post, it's typically not just sharing the post on your blog. you also need to get people to the post, meaning you're going to have to promote post on social media. Most companies are going to ask that you share sponsored post across all (or most) social media channels. So even if you have alot of page views, they might pass you up a favour of a blogger with a larger social media following. The biggest thing i can recommend is to start building social media pages immediately and start interacting with your followers now so they'll want to read what you have to say when you begin sharing sponsored posts.

It is also important to ensure you social media channels are portraying a message the company would want. for instance, if you typically swear a lot on your social media or share inappropriate content, a company that sells family products likely isn't going to want their product associated with that account. And if you send a tweet on day complaining about the service or quantity at your local Starbucks, don't expect Starbucks to choose you to promote their products what that sponsored post opportunity rolls with you.


This is the one thing I wish I had been more prepared for when monetizing my blog. you might notice (or not even) that i used of stock photography on this blog. I am not a Photographer by trade and don't have much experience in Photography.So the most thigns you will do is to start trying a way to find a good for for your blog

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