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Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

This is a really powerful article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I highly recommend if you
can, to try to read through this article more then twice as I am about to expose to you a really deep
secret about SEO. Before I proceed do remember to click here to subscribe to my blog as I will
expose more secrets on my blog

First Of All What Is SEO?
Simply put it, SEO is all about ensuring your website is friendly to search engines so that people are
able to find your website online. Why do people pay so much attention to getting their pages SEO
ready? Well if you do it right, you get ranked high for powerful keywords you will get lots of free targeted
traffic to your website

A Secret Not Many People Know About The Value Of SEO
I have been doing online marketing for about 2 years, I will not say I am a total expert in SEO but I have
enough knowledge to get myself ranked high on search engines. To be frank SEO is about 4 main
things most of the time. These four things are meta tags, url tagging, title & backlinks.
The shocking truth that many do not realize and therefore think some SEO experts are really that good,
is that you can easily get ranked in search engines for long tail keywords which NO ONE or hardly
anyone would normally really search on .
For example if you are trying to get ranked high for the keyword “How To Make Money In Asia”, do you
actually think there are lots of people online that actually typed that phrase on search engines
compared to the keyword “Make Money Online”? To make things even more shocking, if lets say the
keyword “How To Make Money in Asia” only has about 1,000,000 related websites, you can easily get
ranked high by just posting a few articles on your blog with that title and within days you get ranked
But what not many people know is that being ranked No.1 for the keyword “How To Make Money In
Asia” is as good as nothing because NO ONE types such a long phrase online! Instead, what you
actually want is to get ranked high for short and high demanding keywords that thousand of people
search for online.
So the next time, some SEO expert claims he knows SEO and shows you he is ranked No.1 for some
really long phrase word he is just telling you B.S.

Another Shocking Truth About SEO

I remember 2 years ago I was really interested in SEO and would easily spend about 5 hours each day
just trying to get ranked no.1 in search engines. Let me tell you something really shocking, so far out of
10 SEO friends I know of most of them do not make lots of money for being ranked no.1 in search
engines. No doubt they may get traffic but they do not make lots of money for keywords ranked no.1,
unless it’s a really high demanding keyword that people search by the thousands everyday.
The real income that comes from SEO is actually from consultancy services, do you know the cheapest
price you can charge just to get ranked no.1 in MSN is at least US$3,000 just for a few keywords
ranked no.1 in MSN. So you can see from this example, most SEO experts earn more from doing such
services then being ranked high in search engines.

So How Do You Get Ranked High In Search Engines? What’s The Secret?
Well to be frank there is no book on the internet or expert out there that can tell you for sure how to be
ranked no.1 on search engines as they do not work for Google and they change their calculations of
rankings in search engines really often. But what I know for sure is at most times to get ranked high on
search engines, you basically just need lots of related backlinks from related sites to get yourself
ranked high on search engines.

Other Useful Things You Can Learn From Getting Ranked High In Search Engine
Because there are many people online that do not know keywords that are not high in demand can
already be ranked high in search engine pretty easy. Many people therefore use the unpopular search
phrases from search engines just to sell their websites.

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8 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

So, you’ve started a blog; however, more than likely you want to work on getting more traffic to come to
your blog. Increased visibility can help you drive more traffic to your blog, making it more profitable to
you. Not sure where to begin? Well, here are a few great SEO tricks that will help you get the traffic
you want coming to your blog.

SEO Trick #1 - Incorporate Keywords in Titles
First of all, if you want to increase the traffic to your blog, make sure that you incorporate keywords in
the titles of all your blogs. Remember, people search by keywords, and using keywords in blog titles
can help make it easier for people to find your blog.

SEO Trick #2 - Allow People to Subscribe
Allowing people to subscribe to your blog is a great idea as well. This is called syndicating your blog.
Make sure you do your best to make signing up very easy for the visitors to your blog so they’ll come
back again and again.

SEO Trick #3 - Use Keywords in Blog Categories
When you set up your blog categories, you’ll help to increase your blog traffic if you use keywords in
those blog categories. When you create categories that have good keywords, it will make a url for each
post that is SEO friendly.

SEO Trick #4 - Comment on the Blogs of Others
Another way to bring more traffic in to your blog is to comment on the blogs of others. However, these
posts should make senses and add value. Make sure that you use your real name or the name of your
blog and avoid using keywords in the name field.

SEO Trick #5 - Use the Right Keywords
The right keywords on your blog can make it hot and help to get even more traffic to the site. Take
some time to do some keyword research so you incorporate the best keywords. This will make it easier
for people to find you via search engines, since you’ll be using highly visible keywords.

SEO Trick #6 - Make Use of Blog Directories
There are many blog directories out there today, such as GoGuides, DMOZ, and JoeAnt, to name a
few. Make sure that you make use of these directories. Usually they have special categories for blogs
that will allow you to have your blog listed in a specific related category. This can help you bring more
traffic to your site.

SEO Trick #7 - Track Backs Can Help
If you happen to talk about a quote from another blog and the blog is relevant to the subject you are
talking about, you may want to use a track back. This helps to build the popularity of your links and you
may get some readers from that site to come to visit yours. Basically a track back will show a list of
blogs that refer to a certain blog post.

SEO Trick #8 - Offer RSS Feeds that Deliver to Emails
Last of all; consider using RSS feeds that deliver your blog posts to emails. Many people prefer
reading blogs by email instead of actually having to visit the blog each day. So, this is a great way to
increase traffic and make sure that you keep your readers as well.


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Let’s learn about Business Strategy

In order to learn the Business Strategy, let’s dissect Business and strategy and examine both the aspects individually.

Business can be defined in end number of ways, it has simple definition and difficult definition as well.
Here’s what I have for you, A business is an exchange of goods or services to earn money. It cannot stretch beyond this definition. Value offerings have evolved a lot, but business remains the same.
Apple inc supplying Apple products, i.e iphone, Mac, ipod, ipad etc is them doing business by exchanging products (which is tangible in nature) with money.

Netflix, is a service provider. They provide services all across the globe, people just have to pay their subscription fee to consume the service. That service being entertainment.

Now let’s come to the 2nd part
A strategy is a plan of action. The Strategy can be short-term or long-term.
Business Strategies are tied to objectives and goals, to obtain goals and objectives what you need is a realistic strategy that just doesn’t stay in paper, but gets materialized.
Let’s say that you are running a Digital Marketing Agency, you have acquired a client. Your client has laid down a set of goals and objectives that he wants to get fulfilled from your side.
He has given you an objective, he wants you to gain +5000 Followers to his page in 40 Days. So, now that is what your goal is, to achieve that, what you need is a concrete strategy.
You would go to Page Insights and examine the behaviour of followers of the page
You would inspect the business model of your client
You will plan the content that you wish to be uploaded on regular basis
Some of that content would generate brand awareness, some would generate leads, while some being informative would generate engagement.
Keeping on with this plan will gradually increase your followers. However, your client wants result shortly, so now your next strategy is to conduct Page Like Campaign.

Now to conduct Page like campaign, again you need strategy and tie that strategy with goals and objective.
You need to come up with Creative for the Advertisement which ideal for the campaign, resolution and text overlay wise.
You need to do target market and target consumer research, so that you only tap your ideal target market containing just your ideal target customers.

After all of this, you will publish the paid campaign and track the progress, any deviation in set standards would again give birth to a cluster of strategies to counter the inevitable situation that you have at hand.
Hence in Business, there never is a static strategy that produces desired results every single time. Strategy has to flexible to deal with ever changing scenario’s influenced by uncontrollable factors.

Sometimes as an Entrepreneur or a Businessman you might encounter a situation that would fail all the strategies that used to work before.

Every Entrepreneur meets that demise; it is inevitable to not encounter that. However, in crisis like that, when nothing seems under control; it is best to seek help or change the narrative fundamentally, even if it appears to against the set standards.
This is exactly where the creative and innovative skills of a hustling Entrepreneur are put to test.

About Author

meet Kunjal Chawhan a digital marketer and business blogger that always have passion of blogging, who wants to give you a clue on buiness startegy. check more on my profile by following links.

Social Media: facebook, Google Plus

thank you all

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5 Best Web Hosting Sites in 2018

host your site now

A list of the top 5 web hosts recommended for businesses, bloggers, & individuals looking to host their own website. Find the best web hosting for your site.

Web hosting is like the foundation for your website and it is important to choose a good web host that will serve your site quickly and reliably every time to your visitors. In this article, we'll cover the top 5 best web hosting companies for self-hosting your own website. These companies were handpicked from the overall average of highest customer satisfaction ratings, online reputation among web hosting review sites, and from our own years of experience as gurus in the web hosting industry. Finding the best web host for your website – regardless of whether it's for business, a blog, or just personal use – is an important task and an integral component for your success. Listed below, we have provided a variety of choices suitable for more than just small business owners and entrepreneurs. Be sure to read our full review on each one as not all web hosts are the same and some may be better suited for different purposes than others.

So there are lot more we are going to talk about today on hosting your first site online.ed 
lets take a look this blog was a sub-domain before but later on it was change to its own domain which many visitors can remember.

I start blogging without knowing the outcome of it but later know the value of blogging on your own real site. with your real site you can attract many customer  than been on a sub-domain which i never recommend. so today we will talk about the best and reliable web hosting services.

this are the best web hosting services that is reliable and good for hosting with this you will be able to host your site online in your blog and business thank you.

you can comment how you host your blogs online.


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5 Adsense Alternative You should join in 2018

Today Everybody want to make money online or Adsense has banned you from their service or as a publisher with this you need to find a new way to make a living online. I once said "Their is an  opportunity for every Human being to make a living for them self" Making money online is a goal that every online marketers have to do take a look at Mark Zuckerberg you can read more of his profile Mark Zuckerberg here, he was a Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur who is the owner of Facebook a social network we do everyday, if you look now he make millions everyday, Life is all about try and fail, lets stop and continue to our real topic.

As i said earlier Adsense may have banned you for making money with them but their are other alternatives out there, which means you can make an earning without adsense. so you have to find another way to make money, so am going to share you some Tips and Tricks you need to know.

lets get to the real business down here, there are A lot of adsense alternative in which we should know about today but Adsense is the best Cpc that every body should join but due to some issues you have with them, you will have to make more profit from your blog or your website.

I have a Italian Friend Back in 2016, this friend of mine have an issue with Adsense so he has to join another Ad Network because of his Job and Internet Marketing so with this he started with best other Ad network online and the funny part he makes Thousand Dollars Online so now you should learn and believe.


The more we blog the more we spend so we need to generate an income from every post we write every day. by turning our passion into income.

so there are things you need to know about other Adsense Alternative which is:

  1. Infolinks: Infolinks is the best Adsense Alternative you should know about which has over million of Advertisers and Publisher, I got to know how infolinks is powerful  when i first Join their programme I realize I have been making a bit of profit from then I now decide to share them with you, firstly learn how to use info links by the Technics you'll be able to receive a huge income from them this is how my friend did, there CPC is high almost like Adsense.
  2. is also the best Ad network that is similar to Google Adsense which also pay high revenue, I was able to secure 500$ from my Former Blog which give me alot of revenue that you can use to monetize your blog and business it also pay a good money  and reasonable Income.
  3.  Chikita: Many of us know about chikita it is also best among Ad netwrok that pays high all a I can't say A lot about it because I don't know much about them but you can also use it to monetize you content online.
  4. BuySellAds: Buy sell ads is also an ad network that pay much revenue from it's Ad channel which you can also earn through them with all this you will be able to earn much more revenue from your work and from your home.
  5. StudAds: stud ad is the biggest ad network you need to learn about with highest paying revenue per click when a user click on them with stud ads you will be able to monetize your blog from them, you can also be an advertiser this will help the ads.


It is a choice and you have to choose which on you want but i will always recommend not to let Adsense Banned you because adsense is the best Ad programme online you can benefit from.

Adsense is the best Cpc Ad network the internet, but apart from this best Adsense Alternative there are other which i did'nt mentione which are:

  1. Bidvertizer
  2. Omgads
  3. and others


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Why You Need Keyword Tools for Your Blog ( 5 Best keyword Planner)

Why You Need keywords Tools For Your Blog
Everyday we blog and we search for a way of coming up with a new blog post in our own keyword, which means we find new keyword for our blog.

When I first started blogging, Keywords has been difficulty for and my blog, finding a new keyword is always hard so listen carefully on how to find a keywords and its difficulty.
Why You Need Keyword tool for Your Blog

First you need to know what keyword you need

most bloggers don't know how to find their own keyword and know their search rate on google 
When writing a post don't write without searching the right keywords.

Note: Always find the right keyword for your blog before any posts

Their are tons of tools bloggers can you to optimize their keywords and the funny part most of them are free tools.

When I first started blogging I have no Idea on how to optimize my keyword or SEO on web but with a little experience I get to know how to use them gradually so their tips and tricks I learn years past I read tons of eBooks just to know how to get my first website rank on google, always remember google  is the best way to get ranked.

The tools used are more powerful but I suggest going for a keyword planner go for paid not free 
it is always advisable.


keyword tools is the best way to optimize your post on search engines, you can see all those website or blog that always come first on google use keyword planner that help them optimize their and know how the search rate, in SEO search rate matters with search rates you will be able to know how the post you are going to how will it be search on search engines.


  1. Google Keyword Planner: google keyword planner is one of the best keyword planner every blog or website have to you use for your it is easy and competent to use the keyword planner with google keyword you will be able to plan ahead of your blog post and you can see the difficulty of the post on your blog, Google Keyword Planner is free and it is more easy to use and it is also associate with Google Adwords and will be a huge blow for you

    I recommend always use google tools because it is the best
  2. Keyword Finder: keyword finder is also a best tool i used so far in my blogging career so i also recommend that always use the tool if you are not capable of using google tools keyword finder is trusted my millions of blog online where they find any difficulty in their blog or any other, I used keyword finder back then and I enjoyed it my self so try to use and discover more of its and it is at affordable price.

    I first started blogging using does keyword finder and it is always easy for me to find more and more keywords with it so it make my blogging more easier for me everyday. you can try and make your blogging keywords easier for you!
  3. SEMrush: SEMrush is trusted by millions of blog online which help you and give the actual data of your blog and even show you your competitors and how you should go ahead of them  SEMrush is a great tool to use for your blog and it is also the best despite the cost, I use SEMrush all the time i know it's benefit, With SEMrush you will be able to know which of your post a getting more and more ranked on google.

    I am very sure most of my use will always prefer SEMrush despite the cost me too even recommend more and more of it, you can also link your Google Analytics, Search Console and even more of tools to give you direct and accurate data for your blog that is the most I will always prefer. Try SEMrush and know more of it's quality and quantity.

    Thanks to a friend that inspired me to blogging I wouldn't have known all this  this are major way to get well ranked on google try it and use for easier content.
  4. Keyword Country: keyword country is also the best targeted keyword provider that you can use all the way with keyword country you will be able to optimize your blog and content all around your niche and you blog will be ready to go it is not like others but it is also good for your niche and finding a profitable keywords, I like it most of the time but I don't recommend for a newbie to use because of its difficulty as a result of this you will always choose the one more convenient and easy to use.
  5. LongTail Pro: Longtail Pro is one of the best keyword tool with a range of 50% keyword content that you will always find and it's difficulty in search engines and you will be able to find the ranked contents on your blog. 
with all this tools you will be able to provide keyword for your blog and business all time and you will be ranked so high on google

you can comment on how your blog finds its keyword and lets build a success together


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Why You Should Start a Side Hustle ( 9 Hustle Ideas)

When I first Started blogging, I definitely didn't have the intention of making from it ( I had no idea you could make money from blogging) But it didn't take me long to realize that it's totally possible to turn a blog ( or another hobby) into a side hustle you can actually make income from! in this post, I'm talking about what you should start a side hustle, and I'm also sharing a few awesome side hustle Ideas!


You Can Diversify Your Income

when I first started Blogging,  I gave no thought to the idea that i might be able to monetize my blog. In fact, I didn't even know you could make money in blogging! But it didn't take me long to realize that there are a lot of people   online making a great income from their blog or online business. I don't make full time income from my blog by far, but it's nice to have a bit of extra income in addition to my full - time job.

I love my full-time job and blogging on the side, but a lot of people are side hustling with the intention of turning it into full-time job. Starting your business on the other side before quieting your job is a great way to allow you to grow slowly and stay financially stable until you're making money enough to make the leap.

Regardless of whether you want to turn your side hustle into full-time job, having an extra source of income is great! Whether you're paying off debt, saving a lot for trip, or just trying to build up your saving account, the extra income always helps!.

  You'll Have Creative Outlet

When I first think of blogging, this exactly what I did, I have always love writing and while i was doing a lot of writing in my full-time job, it didn't leave a lot room for creativity. The content i share on my site has changed significantly from the beginning. but I still love that it's my own space where I can write  about Whatever I want to!.

I will say, Blogging is no longer quite as  much of a stress relief as it was when i first started. In the beginning. it was just a hobby and was great for stress relief and just a way to focus on something fun. Since I've started making an income from my blog, there are obviously additional stressors put on it. Nevertheless, I still get a lot of joy from it and love having it as a creative outlet.

You Can also read on How To Organize Your Blog and Business

You Can Make a Career Change

if you're interested in switching career fields but don't necessarily have the resume to get job in the new field, starting a side hustle is a great way to do that! I've only worked in one field since graduating college, and by starting a blog I was able to experience in those fields I would never have otherwise, and that experience would be super helpful if I wanted to change career fields to something more relevant to blogging.

If you have a specific career fields in mind that you're hoping to switch into, think of the relevant skills you're going to need and what kind of side hustle would allow you to hone those skills.

You'll Meet New People  

This one has come as a huge surprise to me, but definitely a pleasant one! When i first started my blog, it didn't occur to me that I might be able to meet new people. I simply started it to have a creative outlet like we said earlier, However, I quickly learned that there are ton of people online doing the same thing I am, and there are so many ways to connect with them!

One of my favorite ways to connect with other bloggers and side hustlers has been through Facebook groups. There are tons of  Facebook groups specifically for those people to ask questions? ( Lots of technical question about setting up and running a blog, as well as question on growing your audience). There are also groups solely for connecting with other online business owners. I have met some awesome peoples in these groups, and blogging definitely wouldn't be the same without that online community of people who are going through all of the same struggle I am.

You Will Learn New Skills

Even if you aren't out to jump a new career, you can still learn some awesomAe new skills from side hustle! Before I started my Blog, I had no idea of the skill and hard-work that went into running a successful blog online business. When I started blogging, I decided I wanted to learn as Much as I could about blogging, social media, SEO, etc., and really dove into educating myself. I've learned so many skills over the last few years that I would never have had the chance to learn otherwise!

Even if you aren't planning on taking side hustle full-time job or switching into a new career field, these skills can be super useful in growing your side hustle and in other areas of your life and career as well. I've definitely found some of the skills I've learned to be super useful in my current full-time job,m even though it's a completely different industry!


  1. Start a Blog -  This is Definitely #1 for me! I started my first blog in 2016 and I sold it and later start this very one. Blogging is a great way of making extra money while also doing something super fun ( so I encourage you to start a blog)
  2. Open an Online Shop - Are you really crafty at Something? Start selling your goods online! you can set up a shop on site like Amazon and others
  3. Sell Digital Product- It's super easy to create and sell digital product these days. There are tons of options from online courses to eBooks to printables
  4. Teach a Skills- If you have an awesome skill, chances and someone willing to pay you to teach them. whether  you play a musical instrument or are an awesome chef, I guarantee there's a way to make money teaching someone your skills.
  5. Become a Freelancer- Whatever your skill is, Freelance them! There are tons of sites these day that connect freelancers with work opportunites
  6. Take Online Surveys- Online surveys won't make you ton of money, but a little extra here and there!
  7. Get a Part - Time Job- If you want to make a bit of extra money but aren't interested in doing anything entrepreneurial, look for a part - time job at a nearby business


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how to get more subscriber on you tube

How I got you tube subscriber

YouTube has become part of people daily activities, which they earn income from, in which i earn income from too, so i want to share my views on how I got YouTube subscriber on every video i create, in other to become who I am you need to follow all this steps bring your own views on how you got YouTube subscriber, I think this will be of help to each and every one of you in advance especially for newbie YouTubers.

I created my YouTube channel back then in 2008, so all i have got is wondering how am i going to have more subscribers to my YouTube channel so with all this commodities I don't know what i should really do so, I started my search back then.

Their are many tool to automate your YouTube channels in which i use too drive traffic to my YouTube channel so i am going to share with you today you can use to automate your YouTube channel this will be of great help to each and every one of you

Promote Your Video on Social Media

Many people how could social media bring more viewers and subscriber to them but they never know social media is the best way of advertising of all brands, with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are great way of getting more subscribers so all you need to do is to get more people attract people to your videos create a video that teach which people can benefit from and that you will see changes quickly so all you have to do is to get one.

Creating high Video Content

best way to attract more viewers and subscriber is to create a high quality video in which if they watch they can share with their Friends not to create a video that may to more than forever without any views due to its quality, because with that you will be able to get more viewers and subscribers to always visit your channel whenever a new video is published to all i have to is to give you the information and you will try all this your self.

Create A Meaningful Headlines

with a meaningful heading in your YouTube Viewers will be able to determine the type of topic you treat about and the one you don't and with all this heading and tags google will be able to find your YouTube channel and that's all you need to get more heading tags and labels in your YouTube channel.

do this are some tips I will like to share with you and all other in advance


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Ways to Organize Your Blog and Business

When I started a blog over some years back ago, I had no plan and no system for organization. Since it was just hobby with no income for the first years, it wasn't a big deal. But as soon as I started getting serious about my business and earning money, It became necessary to find system to help me organize my first blog and business.

After more than three years of blogging, I've gone through a lot of trial and error and have been able to find what works and what dosen't work for me, at least at this stage of my business. In this post, I am sharing three of the essential tool I use for blog organization.


After trying man other tool to organize the framework of my business, I've Finally landed on Asana. It's by Far my Favorite i Used ( Previous tool have included Trello, A bullet Journal, and regular paper planner).

The Different interface in Asana make it easy to use for many different part of my business. First of all, I use Asana as an editorial calendar. I have the ability to see upcoming post either as a list or in a calendar form. And within each post, I can create task that I'll need to accomplish for each and every post . I also keep a running list of blog post ideas and when I'm ready to add on to calendar, I can just move it over and over again to see whether is correct or not in the project calendar.

I also use the board feature in Asana to create my to- do list for each different part of my business (blog. etc.), and each category gets it's own column on the board.

thanks to the calendar feature in Asana, I keep a marketing calendar of all of the products I'll be marketing throughout the year (both Affiliate Campaigns) and sponsorship opportunities I'm Taking about

Finally i used Asana Create a Launch calendar for my self and for my eBooks. I used it last time around and found it made everything super easy to keep track of, So I'm definitely using it again for the next launch! hahaha

you can also read on: how to grow your blog in 2018

The option of what you can do with Asana are pretty endless. You can create projects to fit just about any part of your life, and the different interface option allow you to customize it really nicely. it's also a great way to keep on top of personal! task and event as well - I have a separate project for non - business to - dos

Google Drive

Google Drive is another tool I use as a catch - all for additional blogging and business organization. Most importantly, this is where i write all my blog post before i send them to my blog for publish!, all of my post a similar format, so I have one template that I copy each time I start Writing a new post. In addition to the post, I also write up keywords I plan to use for my article, which category it will fall under on my blog and the publish date

I can also use the spreadsheet in google to keep track my blog state for traffic and social media and also plan my social media post for the week on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. I try to plan and schedule these a couple of weeks out to make sure I'm always on top of it, and a spreadsheet is an easy way to see all of my upcoming social media posts

Quick Books

Quick Books is the tool I use to organize the financial aspect of my business. I switched to this tool at the beginning of my blogging and it made managing my business finance infinitely easier

Quick Books connect to my business bank account and my business Paypal account, so I am able to see all income and expenses in one place and categorize them appropriately. This will make things a heck of a lot easier when tax time rolls around!

Another Thing I love about Quick Books is it's connection to Turbo Tax. Since they are both Intuit products, they work in unison. QuickBooks tell me I owe Taxes when i have not paid them, then i will be able to pay with the reminder, I'll be able to pay those through Turbo Tax. And Next Year when its time to file my tax i do so again

Because of the numbers of things going on behind the scenes of my business and the number of different project I'm working on, It's Super important that i have a system for keeping everything organized.

These are tool I use to organize my blog post and business, comment on what tools you use to organize your blog post


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Blogging has become one of my favorite things to do over the past few years. I started this blog just as a creative outlet, having no idea the potential it had. Since then, I have grown it into a small business where I have, the opportunity to make a side income, engage with and get to know my readers, ans connect with community of other online small business owners

I recently published a blog post with all the technical steps on how to to grow your blog in 90 days . In this post, I'm taking that advice one step further and teaching you how to grow your blog in 2018

Write High- Quality Content

There are alot of great ways to get people to your blog. But when they land there, You need to have great content to share with them or they probably won't come back. first of all you need is to figure out what readers want to read about. You can do this by looking at the question you frequently get from readers via email, social media, or blog comments. You can also take a look at your Google Analytics data and see which of your blog post have been most popular. You might see trend and notice your readers love certain type post.

in addition to the topic your're writing about, there are few key piece that every high-quality blog post should have. the first is a title that is going to draw people's attention. When someone is scrolling through social media, you want them to stop when they see your blog post Title!
you'll also want to include high-quality images. This is what will allow you to draw traffic on Facebook and twitter. Finally, and most importantly, your post needs to provide some value to your reader. Ideally, your post will include a few highly actionable task to your readers can
can accomplish if they want to reach a certain outcome.

Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I basically ignore SEO for my first time of blogging, which I immediately regretted when I figured how out just powerful search engine can drive a higher and higher percentage of my blog traffic, all because of the SEO tactics I have implemented.

SEO is basically about optimizing your blog post make sure they show up in search engines. You can most easily do this by using keyword to optimize you content, headline, images, and meta information. if you're on Wordpress, I recommend using Yoast SEO Plugin will be the best to help you optimize your blog posts.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

It probably comes as no surprise to you that social media is a great way to grow and drive traffic to your blog! Social media drives the majority of my blog's traffic each month, and because of that, I make sure to consistently promote my content on social media pages. Not only should you share your new blog post across your social pages, but you can continue to share your post, especially the most popular one over and over again to continue driving traffic to your blog.

and you social media pages aren't just useful for sharing you won content. You can share other content which your audience might find interesting and really start a conversation.

Start an Email List and Collect Email Addresses

while social media can be great way to grow your blog, It definitely has it downsides. First of all, just about every scoail media platform has an algorithm that determines who does and does not see your content. This means that when you share your latest blog post on social media, most of your followers probably aren't seeing it. the second downside is that you have no ownership over that platform. If Facebook were to shutdown your account tomorrow, It doesn't matter how many followers you had, you can't contact them again.

That's why starting an email is that because people already get so many emails, they tend to be picky about what additional email list they signup for. Because of this, they'll probably only sign up if they really love you blog, meaning they'll be more likely to click through to every blog post.

So how do you get people to sign up for your email list? First of all, continue to write the high - quality content we talked about above. Second, make sure there are multiple places around your blog where readers can sign up form at the bottom of each post, as well as on my blog's homepage ans scattered within some of my blog post. Finally, offer something in return. You can give your reader something for free to entice them to sign up for your list. This might be additional content that goes with your post, a free printable, or something more substantial like free eBook or email course.

Invest in your blog

on of my favorite thing about blogging is that it's so affordable to start. This means that whether you're starting a blog just as a hobby or with the intention of turning it into a business the cost entry is low or not at all, which make it to really unlock you blog's potential. Here are few investment you might consider making to help you grow your blog:

Social Media Schedulers: Social media can be an awesome way to grow your blog, But promoting your blog on social media could literally be full - time job itself. Assuming you don't have time for that, I recommend investing in some tools to allow you to schedule and automate you social media content, Some of these, such as HootSuite, Buffer, Twitter native scheduler and Facebook Native scheduler, are free. Others require a bit of an investment but are definitely worth the cost

Email Service Provider: As I mentioned above, email is an awesome tool to use to help grow your blog. the first step to grow your email list will be signing up with an email service provider. which are Converkit, Awebber, FMX and others, this are really powerful email list for bloggers which can help them

Education: There are so much to learn about blogging. Seriously, You'll never be done in learning blogging. After over some years of blogging, I still find it super beneficial to invest in education product to help me learn more about blogging and growing my blog and business. So never keep learning on blogging so you can become a genius